Field Safety


Fieldwork is an important part of teaching and research in the Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science Department at UBC. The following forms and resources are provided to ensure your safety off-campus.

Required Field Safety Documentation

Please submit these to Hazel ( ) or the Local Safety Team ( or ). 

For research-related field work, the following forms are required to be completed and approved by the EOAS Local Safety Team and Department Head. The Covid Safety form will additionally be sent to the Faculty of Science Dean for approval.

  1. Trip Plan/Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
    This form provides an overview of the type of field work being conducted, where it is taking place, and who will be in the field. This form identifies the field trip leader, field safety officer, and home-base check-in person. Emergency contact information, location and contact information of emergency services, communication plan, and emergency response plan are delineated in this form.
  2. Hazard Risk Assessment
    This form prompts the assessment of known and potential risks and appropriate safety measures that will be taken to mitigate those risks. The form contains a fairly comprehensive check-list of potential hazards/risks to serve as a guide. Additional hazards and mitigation techniques are found in the EOAS Field Safety Manual (Section 10). While it is nearly impossible to foresee every event or hazard that may occur, this form serves to encourage you to think about risks in the field and how best to manage them.
  3. Covid Safety Form (Temporary during the Covid-19 pandemic)
    This form outlines all safety precautions that will be taken with respect to the Covid-19 pandemic.


EOAS Field Safety Manual
EOAS Field Safety Bill of Rights
Field Safety Training Resources
Boat Safe Work Procedure and Sail Plan
Medical Form (optional and confidential)