ENVR 448 · Socio-Ecological Systems Research

Gain hands-on experience conducting interdisciplinary socio-ecological systems research. Students will work directly with faculty mentors to conduct semester-long research projects. Workshops and seminars will focus on research design and process, introducing theories and methods for socio-ecological systems research. Research projects will focus on contemporary topics such as climate resilience, food security, and agroecosystem management. The instructor will be in contact with registered students early in the term to set up a meeting and decide the course schedule. For contact details, please use Sara Elder, sara.elder@ubc.ca


How to apply: 

1. Print and fill in the Socio-Ecological Systems Research Course Authorization Form

2. Make arrangements with the Instructor and your Program Advisors to be registered in the course

3. Have the Instructor and Program Advisor sign the form

4. Email or return the form to Ian Ayeras; EOAS Senior Program Assistant, Undergraduate Programs