EOSC 434 · Geological Engineering Practice II - Soil Engineering

Multi-disciplinary, geological engineering approach using case histories to apply knowledge of geomorphology, hydrogeology, soil mechanics, and rock mechanics to engineering problems in realistically complex geological environments. [2-2-0] Prerequisite: All of EOSC 329, EOSC 330, CIVL 210.

Course Availability & Schedule

Course Syllabus

Learning Goals

  1. To synthesize knowledge from earlier courses on geomorphology, hydrogeology, soil mechanics and rock mechanics by examining case studies involving realistically complex geological environments (with an emphasis on engineering problems related to soils and weak rocks).
  2. To learn and practice some of the key tasks that are typically carried out by young professionals during their first few years of practice.
  3. To develop and practice professional-level report writing and oral presentation skills.


Dr. Scott McDougall, P.Eng.

Course Content

  • Lectures (see list of topics below)
  • Lab exercises (3)
  • Oral presentation
  • Midterm quizzes (2)
  • Final Exam


Readings will be assigned in class and posted on Canvas.

Lecture Topics

  • History of Geological Engineering
  • Soil Description; Soil Facies
  • Soil Modification Processes; Problem Soils
  • Site Investigation
  • Slope Stability
  • Ground Support Design; Slope Monitoring
  • Landslide Risk Management; Landslide Runout Analysis
  • Debris Flow/Flood Mitigation; Options Analysis
  • Foundations and Construction Materials
  • Excavations; Soft Ground Tunnelling
  • Geological Models; Tailings