EOSC 473 · Methods in Oceanography

Methods of data acquisition, study and analysis required in solving oceanographic problems. Includes a field school held during the mid-term break. A fee is to be paid by January 31. Open to third- and fourth-year students in Oceanography, or with permission of the Department Head. [0-3-0] Prerequisite: One of EOSC 372, EOSC 373.

Course Availability & Schedule

Learning goals: 

Course Fees

There are 2 separate fees for this course:

  1. Course Tuition Fee - payable via Student Service Centre
  2. Special Fee (subject to change) - payable via Student Service Centre - please refer to Program, Course and Faculty fees to view exact fees

Learning Goals

  • To learn about field methods in the major branches of oceanography
  • To gain practical experience in carrying out field observations
  • To develop and carry out a research project involving:
    • Writing a research proposal
    • Planning a field program
    • Obtaining field measurements to address the question proposed
    • Analyzing the field measurements
    • Presenting results orally at a 'conference'
    • Presenting the results in the form of a journal-style article



Lecture Topics

Funding and sampling programs
Ships and fieldwork logistics
Physical measurements
Biological measurements
Geo-chemical measurements
**Note: Lectures take place during the first half of term only (before field trip). We meet again at end of term for presentations.


The class is based around the idea of gathering and scientifically analyzing field data, and usually involves a field trip, typically a week at Bamfield Marine Station during the spring break. Part-way through this trip students present a research proposal, after which they gather field data. Analysis is usually completed at UBC before the end of term.