EOAS Undergraduate Clubs and the EOAS Undergraduate Club Council

Undergraduate clubs in our department represent the varied scientific interests within the Department. With the help of faculty and staff, they coordinate a variety of activities including sports, career fairs, field trips, the annual talent nights, and weekly social gatherings. They also plan and host research conferences put on by students for students, such as the Western Inter-University Geosciences Conference (WIUGC).

The Dawson, ESSA, GeoRox, Oceanography, and Storm clubs form the EOAS Undergraduate Club Council that supports the academic, professional, and social needs of undergraduate students in EOAS. Besides coordinating department-wide undergraduate activities and promoting inter-club events, the Undergraduate Club Council serves as a unified voice for students in communicating with department administration, allocates and administers club space within the department, and dispenses department funds for worthy student activities or projects on a competitive basis.

Individual EOAS students as well as EOAS Clubs may apply to the Undergraduate Activities Fund for money to support professional development or club activities.

Dawson Club

The G.M. Dawson Club encompasses the undergraduate geosciences community (Geological Sciences and Geophysics students) in EOAS. We provide leadership and organization for industry and department subsidized events, as well as a focal point for social activities, field trips and sports events within the department. The club facilitates the undergraduate experience in EOAS by bringing undergraduates together with faculty and industry to prepare them for geoscience careers.

Environmental Science Students' Association (ESSA)

ESSA is the student club representing the Environmental Sciences Program at UBC. We are here to create community, provide academic support, and promote community involvement and social networking opportunities within our program and in the professional world. If you’re an ENSC student or have an interest in environmental science, ESSA is a great way to connect with other students, get involved and create a unique undergrad experience.

GeoRox Club

​GeoRox is a club that encompasses all of the Geological Engineering students at UBC. GeoRox is a very active student society; we organize field trips, the Alumni Dinner, the Geotechnical Engineering competition, and many other social and professional events. We have the privilege of coordinating with other Engineering clubs in the EUS as well as EOAS clubs to create a diverse atmosphere for students to thrive in and provide leadership opportunities within the UBC community. GeoRox prides itself in providing professional and social opportunities to its members to complement their academic studies and enhance their time at UBC.

Oceanography Club

As oceanographers and ocean-loving students, we are passionate about the sea. As all oceanography degrees are Combined degrees with other departments, many students do not have opportunities to meet one another. We provide oceanography students with the opportunity to discuss common interests, receive support from peers, and connect to EOAS. In the next year we hope to host and participate in events such as shoreline cleanups, ocean-themed movie nights, UBC REC intramurals, and a "Meet-your-EOAS-profs" night!

Storm Club

The Storm Club is the club for all things weather related- we welcome both Atmospheric Science students, and anyone who wants to learn more about the weather. The club holds weekly weather discussions, and informal weather briefings (in-depth forecasts) led by club members. Past field trips include tours of professional forecast centers (CTV, Environment Canada), and outdoor trips to experience weather first-hand (gliding, hiking, snow shoeing).


This is a UBC Student Chapter of the Society of Economic Geologists, which has both graduate and undergraduate student members.

Undergraduate Spaces

The EOAS Undergraduate Commons (Room 208 EOS Main) is a dedicated space for students within the department to study or to socialize. It is fully equipped with tables, whiteboards, a TV and a kitchenette. Our undergraduate clubs hold their meetings in clubrooms surrounding the Commons and many of our annual social events are held within the Commons. A meeting room off one side of the Commons (Room 208A, a.k.a. the "Fishbowl") is available for booking by undergraduates if they need space for activities including group project meetings, event planning, or practicing a presentation.

If you would like to reserve either the Commons (208) for an event, or the Fishbowl (208A) for a meeting, you must submit an online EOAS Student Space Room Request Form at least two weeks in advance.