Atmospheric Science Program

The Atmospheric Science Programme, jointly sponsored by the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences and the Department of Geography, conducts teaching and research in atmospheric science. It is an interdisciplinary programme, with faculty members coming from not only these two departments, but also from Agricultural Sciences, Chemistry, and Applied Science, with research covering boundary layer and urban meteorology, atmospheric chemistry and air pollution, climate and climate variability, weather and climate prediction, cloud physics, atmosphere-ocean interactions, geophysical fluid dynamics, and interactions between the atmosphere and land (especially vegetation and soil).

Our research commonly involves field or laboratory measurement and observation; data analysis and interpretation; and numerical model construction, modification and validation. At the graduate level, this requires a background of knowledge (or a willingness and ability to acquire such) in classical physical sciences (especially physics and mathematics) and computer science. A Bachelor of Science degree in geography/environmental science or other relevant fields may also be appropriate. Suitable courses are available for students with strong academic backgrounds. It is important that the student feels at ease with literature in the appropriate field.

At the undergraduate level, the Atmospheric Science Programme offers studies leading to a Bachelor of Science degree, a Bachelor of Science Honours degree, and a Bachelor of Science (Co-op) degree. For students interested in physical climatology, the Department of Geography offers an honours undergraduate degree program. Additionally, the Diploma in Meteorology offers an intensive one-year program in theoretical and applied meteorology.