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Practical Meteorology: An Algebra-based Survey of Atmospheric Science (PrMet) 

Meteorology for Scientists and Engineers, 3rd Edition (MSE3)

Copyright 2015, 2016, 2018 by Roland Stull.

Some readers have asked for printed versions of the book.  These readers found that costs for ink cartridges in their printers, or costs at their local copy shop, can be relatively expensive.

I have made arrangements with selected Retailers to sell print copies at reasonable prices.  I do not receive royalties on these print books, to reduce your purchase cost.  Also, I provide no warranties as to the quality of the printed book - - you should contact the Retailer to remedy any problems.

To order your print book, use the table below to find the Retailer in your region.  Contact the Retailer directly using the link in this table.   Under the Creative Commons copyright of this textbook, only those Retailers who have made arrangments with me are allowed to sell the book commercially.

Where to order:
Formats and Retail Prices**
Looseleaf ***
USA, Canada, Mexico ****
Sundog Publishing, LLC PrMet
Practical Meteorology (version 1.02b), printed in black and white, with color covers.  US$42. if ordered directly from Sundog Publ.)
Practical Meteorology (version 1.02b), printed in color, with color covers.  US$59. if ordered directly from Sundog Publ.)
Specs:  size = 8.5 x 11 x 1.9 inches. (22 x 28 x 5 cm)
weight ≈ 5 pounds ≈ 2.25 kg
PrMet paperback from SunDog Publ.
(Golf ball not included.  Shown only for scale.)
n/a *

* Shipping and taxes/duties are extra.  Contact the Retailer for details.
** Retail price estimate when ordered directly from the publisher.  Actual price might differ from the estimate listed here.   These direct-order prices are often substantially lower than prices if you buy the book at your local bookstore or from online re-sellers.
*** Students often prefer the looseleaf version, because they can take to class only the chapter they need that day.
**** For orders outside of North America, contact the Retailer to discuss possibilities for overseas orders.
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