ATSC 113    Applied Meteorology
Weather for Sailing, Flying & Snow Sports

"Canvas" Learning Management System (LMS)

Canvas is the online "Learning Management System" (LMS) used at UBC.  We use it in our course.

Via Canvas you can access the Module pages, Quizzes and other Assignments, Announcements, Canvas emails (called Inbox) and view your Grades. 

Initial Access to Canvas

To log into Canvas, use the following link: .  When you use this link, it will initially take you to a Login page where you enter your Campus-wide Login (CWL) username and password.  If your credentials are valid, then access is returned to the "" website, which you should then bookmark in your browser.  On your Canvas dashboard, you should see a badge for ATSC 113 ... .  Click on that badge to access the course materials on Canvas.

You might not see ATSC 113 in your Dashboard yet if you registered late for this course.  It should appear in a day or two - - UBC uploads the revised classlists to Canvas every day.  If it doesn't appear, then in the left navigation bar in Canvas, click on "Courses", and then select "All Courses".  If ATSC 113 appears in that list, then click on the "star" symbol to make it appear in your Canvas dashboard.  If it still does not appear after a day or two, you can get learning technology (LT) support from their helpdesk .

For Technical Issues with Canvas

If you have technical Problems with Canvas, you can contact the UBC Online Helpdesk by accessing the following website and then clicking on the "Open A Ticket" button.  This opens an online form where you can describe details of the technical problem:

Some of the technical problems they can help with are:
CTLT = Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology.
DE = Distance Education, which is the old name for Online Courses.

Finally, if you suspect that the technical issue is campus-wide, then contact the UBC IT Service Centre via their online form

Note that the CTLT and the IT help desks are only for TECHNICAL ISSUES. 

Non-technical Issues

If your questions are about the content material (meteorology or case-study modules), please use the Discussion Board in Canvas for our course, or send a Canvas "Inbox" query to the appropriate TA (see the Instructor web page for a list of TAs and the types of questions they can answer).

UBC ATSC 113 Weather for Sailing, Flying & Snow Sports
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