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ePortfolio Capstone Project


A Canvas ePortfolio is a web page that you create this term that is accessible by you during and after this course.  Your assignment is to create an ePortfolio in Canvas, with weather information and links that are relevant to your own sports, activities (e.g., hiking), business (e.g., farming), or other interests affected by the weather (see rubric below). 

A motivation is that after the course is finished, you will have something useful (in addition to your enhanced weather knowledge) that you can continue to apply to your own sport, activity or business.

Two web pages relate to this ePortfolio assignment:
  1. The page you are viewing now on the EOAS dept website, which describes the ePortfolio assignment and grading rubrics.  This page also has links to instructions and videos showing how you can create an ePortfolio.
  2. From the Canvas "Account" icon (in upper left of Canvas page, under UBC logo), select "ePortfolios" to CREATE your own ePortfolio.  The ePortfolio that you create will automatically be given a URL (web address), so that you and others can view it. 

Four dates apply to this ePortfolio assignment:
  1. You can start creating your own ePortfolio in the 4th week of spring and fall terms (the second week of the condensed summer term).
  2. Any time before the "ePortfolio draft deadline" in roughly the 8th week of spring and fall terms (the 4th week of condensed summer term - see details in the online Schedule), you can finish a semi-final draft ePortfolio and submit your name and ePortfolio URL info via the "ePortfolio submission" survey quiz" in Canvas.  You can find this quiz from the Canvas Modules tab, just after the Flying Midterm exam.
  3. You and everyone in the course have one week (spring and fall terms - see Schedule) to view and post constructive PRIVATE comments on other students' ePortfolios in Canvas, if they selected the option to allow other students to see their creations.  Please be respectful of your classmates.  You do not earn points for offering suggestions to others, but you might want to do it as a courtesy.  Also, you might enjoy seeing some of the creations by others in your course, before you revise your own ePortfolio.
  4. Finally, you have one additional week (see Schedule) to use the comments (spring and fall terms) as you wish to improve your own ePortfolio.  After that "ePortfolio completion deadline", no more changes to ePortfolios are allowed, because the TAs will start marking them.  If you already had submitted your ePortfolio info via the "ePortfolio submission" quiz, there is NO need to submit it again after you make the revisions, because we already have it.
  5. Even if you were unable to submit a draft by the draft deadline, you can still submit an ePortfolio by the final ePortfolio deadline (near the end of term; see the course Schedule for details).  Although you are not eligible for the points for submitting the draft ePortfolio by the "draft deadline", you can still earn the rest of the points depending on the quality of your ePortfolio. 
ePortfolio Time Line Fall&Spring
ePortfolio Time Line Summer

Grading Rubric

The ePortfolio is worth a total of 55 points 

Your ePortfolio should include the following components:

Tips on ePortfolio Creation in Canvas

  1. Log in to Canvas and go to Account > ePortfolios. Click on the button that says "Create an ePortfolio".  Set your ePortfolio to Public.   See tips for ePortfolio creation at
  2. Set your ePortfolio to allow others to provide Comments (to be visible only by you).  Namely, although your ePortfolio will be "public", any Comments about your web page will be "private" to be viewed only by you. See tips at
  3. To start adding content, add a new section (on the left, click on "Organize Sections").  You can add as many sections as you like.  Each section can contain multiple pages (on the right, "Organize/Manage Pages").
For more help on using the Canvas ePortfolio function, you can consult the Canvas "Getting Started Wizard", or watch this video tutorial:

Fixing Problems:  To see how to make your ePortfolio "public" if you forgot to do it when you first created it, see .

Submitting your ePortfolio

Use your ePortfolio After the Term Ends

You can access and use your ePortfolio even after the term ends.  (I don't know if you can edit it after the term ends.)

View the ePortfolios created by students in this course

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