ATSC 113    Applied Meteorology
Weather for Sailing, Flying & Snow Sports

Getting Started

If you are new to UBC, use the following links to get your Campus-Wide Login (CWL) if you don't have one already.  You will need the CWL for this online course.

Videos/Instructions to Help You Get Started

Former TA Anthony and undergrad assistant Alison created videos to help you get started.
  1. Introduction to ATSC 113. . Created by Anthony Di Stefano.
  2. Getting Started I:  The ATSC 113 home page. . Created by Alison Deere.   There is a lot of info packed into this video - - you might want to view it at slower (0.75) speed.
  3. Getting Started II: Canvas and the Orientation Module . You might want to view it at slower (0.75) speed.Created by Alison Deere.

Software Components

This course uses two online components:  
  1. This EOAS department course web page that you access through your web browser.
  2. The UBC "Canvas" learning managment system (via your web browser).

1. On your Web Browser:

On your web browser, visit and bookmark the course home page  or mark it as a "favorite".  This site holds all the online content that is testable; namely, the Meteorological Concepts and associated Learning Goals.  It also holds the Schedule of activities and assignments.

2. UBC Canvas

Visit Canvas to access our course.  You will need use your Campus Wide Login (CWL) to log into UBC Canvas.  This site holds the case-study Modules, the online quizzes and exams, and your grades and optional ePortfolio.  Regardless of which section you are officially registered in, all students should use the Combined Section indicated below:

Use the Combined Lecture (CL) Section below in UBC Canvas to access the learning modules, quizzes, and other Canvas activities if you are registered in either section indicated at right:
The Section that writes the final exam on the UBC-Vancouver campus.
The Section that writes the final exam off campus.
Fall  (September - December) ATSC 113 101/99A Applied Meteorology
Spring (January - April)
ATSC 113 201/99C Applied Meteorology ATSC113.201 ATSC113.99C
Summer (May - June)
ATSC 113 971/98A Applied Meteorology ATSC113.971 ATSC113.98A

Ready to start?  Enter Canvas and select this course from the Canvas Dashboard (or from the Courses icon in the left navigation tab).  Next, select the "Modules" tab from the course navigation bar at left, and click on "Orientation-page 1".  Good luck everyone.

UBC ATSC 113 Weather for Sailing, Flying & Snow Sports
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