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Weather for Sailing, Flying & Snow Sports

Welcome to Students who Joined the Course Late

You should get access to Canvas within a day or two after you registered into this course, so please be patient.
[ CAUTION: The time periods stated below are for winter terms (Fall and Spring). 
For the compressed Summer term, the corresponding time periods are about half of what are listed below. ]

Within the first 8 days of term:

Welcome new students. If you registered before or DURING the first 8 calendar days of term, then you are not considered to have joined late.   (These are 8 "calendar" days, not 8 weekdays.)

You can proceed as normal
, starting with Canvas module "Orientation - page 1", and then continuing into Flying-weather module A.  You will need to start your online work right away to catch up, but you should be able do all the assignments. Please pay close attention to the course Schedule , because all the normal deadlines still apply to you.

The Orientation stays open for a long time (even after the official "due" date), so you don't need to worry about missing it.  All students must finish the Orientation before moving into the Flying-weather modules.

If you are having difficulty, please contact the Course Administrator, Dr. Doug McCollor, via the Canvas Inbox messaging tool.

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