ATSC 113    Applied Meteorology
Weather for Sailing, Flying & Snow Sports

Advisory Message for Summer Students

   We are delighted that you are considering taking ATSC 113 in summer.  Based on feedback from students in past summers, most students preferred that the course be compressed into a 6-week term at the start of summer (i.e., UBC summer Term 1). 

   One of the features of ATSC 113 during winter term is that the online assignments are available within multi-day windows.  This gives students the flexibility to fit the assignments around their already-busy schedules.

   But during a compressed 6-week summer term, students have the same number of assignments as in winter, but half the time to complete them.  Namely, the “open” times for each assignment window is cut in half.  Based on this time compression:
  1. You are likely to have online ATSC 113 assignments due almost every day in summer Term 1.
  2. You should plan to dedicate about 20 hours/week on this course in summer Term 1.
   Otherwise, the summer course is exactly the same as in fall and winter terms.  It covers the same topics with the same online content, and has the same Learning Goals. It could prove useful for your weather-related endeavors, and satisfies 3 credits of science elective at UBC. 

   We want you to be successful in all of your university studies, which is why the time committment in Summer should be one of the factors you consider.  The summer schedule for this course is posted on our Schedule page:

   In May 2023, we will block registration into this course at 4 pm PDT on Wednesday 17 May 2023.  After that time, no more students will be allowed to add the Summer sections of this course. We do this to give all registered students an equal chance of success by not missing any of the assignments. If you are unable to register into ATSC 113 before 4 pm PDT on Wednesday 17 May 2023, we invite you to consider taking the course in Fall or Spring instead.  Also, we can recommend other exciting first-year courses in our department that are still open for registration until the end of the normal summer add/drop period.

Doug McCollor

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