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Weather for Sailing, Flying & Snow Sports



The following maps help you locate the flying, snow-sports, and sailing case-study locations that are used in this course. Abbreviations:  LG = Learning Goals, and BC = British Columbia.

Graphical Tools

To teach some of the concepts without using equations, we use graphical tools.  Some of these tools have been created by others, and others were created by us.  All these graphical tools are collected here, along with the Learning Goals (LG) where they were introduced and demonstrated:



Final-Exam Tools Provided

We provide a copy of the graphical tools with the final exam.  You will find them as the last pages of the final exam booklet.  Thus, you do NOT need to copy these tools into your own "crib sheet" that you bring to the exam.  Nonetheless, you should review how to use them during your review before the final exam.

Image credits:
Maps for Flying, Snow Sports, and Sailing 1 & 2: Google Earth as annotated by Roland Stull.
BC Place names: Google map annotated by Rosie Howard & Greg West, UBC.

Density altitude: US Federal Aviation Administration.  Latest version at  .
Crosswind Component:
 • US Federal Aviation Administration. .
Static Stability, Froude Number, both temperature interpolation tools: Roland Stull, UBC
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