ATSC 113    Applied Meteorology
Weather for Sailing, Flying & Snow Sports

Welcome Students

This course is designed for "super-connected" university students like you.  If you ...
- use smartphone connectivity to enhance your life,
- feel your time is precious,
- prefer course work that is split into a larger number of shorter assignments to fit better in-between your other online activities,
- want a clear path forward with no surprises,
- want flexibility of due dates within well defined time windows,
- want the opportunity to be successful even if life's adventures cause you to miss an assignment or two.
Then ATSC 113 is designed for you.
My name is Doug McCollor -- I am the instructor and course administrator.  I am delighted that you are interested in this course.

We designed ATSC 113 to be a fun way to learn more about the weather, as applied to case-studies in sailing, flying, and snow sports.  Each week we explore a new case study, where we put you in the virtual "driver's seat" as the skipper, pilot, or snowboarder/skier.   Most of the case studies are for southwestern Canada near Vancouver, with a few elsewhere in North America.

All of the course content is online.  This includes the online readings, quizzes, midterm exams, and discussion boards. Even the optional ePortfolio is online - - a way to earn bonus marks.  In normal terms, only the final exam must be written in a proctored (invigilated) setting.

However, due to COVID-19, all students taking this course in summer 2020 MUST plan to write the final exam remotely using an app called Proctorio.  See more info in the special Advisory Message for Summer Students at .  Please read the "Student Guide to Proctorio at UBC". .

This May 2020, we will block registration into this course at 4 pm PDT on Wednesday 13 May 2020.  After that time, no more students will be allowed to add the Summer sections of this course. We do this to give all registered students an equal chance of success by not missing any of the assignments. If you are unable to register into ATSC 113 before 4 pm PDT on Wednesday 13 May 2020, we invite you to consider taking the course in Fall or Spring instead.  Also, we can recommend other exciting first-year courses in our department that are still open for registration until the end of the normal summer add/drop period.

Below is more info about ATSC 113.   Again, welcome.

- Dr. Doug McCollor 


Please use the following two sources of online course material:
  1. The most important web page for this course is our departmental website home page (the website you are in now): .
    Please bookmark the URL listed above, which points to the home page. The Schedule link from the home page tells you when assignments are due, and the Evaluation link shows how much each assignment is worth. There is no textbook for this course -- all the content is provided free online via the Learning_Goals link from the home page. A Getting_Started link has info and videos so that each of you has the opportunity to be successful.

  2. The Canvas course management system has the: case-study Modules, Quizzes, and your grades.  Canvas first becomes available to you and other registered students on the first day of term.  Please bookmark it: .
    You should use your campus-wide login (CWL) to access this course on Canvas. Here is a link to some video guides to help you learn how to use Canvas.
    Each module in Canvas will point you to the appropriate content and quizzes as you progress through the case study.

    ==> To start this course at the start of term, open Canvas for this course, click on the "Modules" tab in the left frame in Canvas, and select the first module "Orientation - page 1".

On the departmental home page for this course is a link to the SCHEDULE of assignments.  There is a regular cadence to the assignments in this course, as shown in the Schedule. Most of the learning modules slightly OVERLAP with each other. This overlap of time windows gives you a bit more time and flexibility to complete each of the module pages.  Please take some time to carefully examine the SCHEDULE page, or perhaps even print and/or download the pdf SCHEDULE to your own device, so you will always know when the module pages will be available and when assignments are due.  CAUTION: Please use the SCHEDULE for the correct term.

During the first several days of the term, you will need to complete the online Orientation activities found on the "Canvas" learning management system. It is important that you participate in these orientation activities, to ensure that you know how to use all of the online tools you will need for assignments.  Again, the GETTING STARTED videos on our departmental website for this course will guide you through the Orientation activities. For those of you who add the course within the first week at the start of term, we will keep the orientation activities open longer for you.  By doing the Orientation (which are worth marks towards your overall grade), it gives you and your classmates equal opportunity to be successful.

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