ATSC 201 - Meteorology of Storms

Sample Warm-up Exercise

There are 2 questions on the readings, plus 1 space for you to tell me the confusing parts of the readings, plus  a space to tell me any corrections that are needed in the Stull textbook.  

Legend:  Questions are labeled by the week, day, and question number.  For example,  W01 D4 Q1 is the warm-up exercise for Week 1, Day 4 (due Thursday at 10 PM), Question number 1.   (See the Assignments link to find the reading assignments.)

Marking:  For questions 1 and 2, you earn 1 point for effort (i.e., for trying to answer it) plus 1 point if you get it mostly right.  For question 3, you earn 1 point if you list the part of the readings that you found most confusing or difficult.  Question 4 is not worth any points, but is your chance to tell me of any typos, mistakes, or items that I need to clarify in my textbook (Meteorology for Scientists and Engineers) and/or my online course notes on Practical Meteorology.  

1. Essay: W01 D4 Q1

Suppose you are a stationary observer on the ground looking at a thunderstorm as it approaches you and then moves directly over you.  List the thunderstorm components or associated clouds that you would see, in the order that you would see or experience them.


2. Essay:  W01 D4 Q2

 Question: What aspects of a supercell thunderstorm are different from those of non-severe thunderstorms?

3. Essay:  Difficult or Confusing Topics

Question:  Which one topic within the readings did you have the most difficulty in understanding? What aspects about it were confusing?

4. Essay: Textbook Corrections (not for marks)

Question:  If you found any typos or other errors in the Stull readings, please point them out to me so I can fix them.  Indicate the chapter, page, column, section (or figure or table or equation), the error, and your suggested correction.

Example: Ch1, p9, left col, in the Focus box, 2nd to last line: the variable "A" should be italicized.


Updated Sep 2012.