Guide for identifying which thermo diagram you have.

1) if there are some lines from lower left to upper right,
then either Skew-T, Tephigram, or theta-Z diagram.

  1. if the nearly horizontal lines (isobars) are slightly curved, then Tephigram,
  2. else if the nearly-horizontal lines (isobars) are exactly horizontal and straight, then Skew-T,
  3. else theta-Z diagram. Confirmation: a set of curved lines (moist adiabats) become exactly vertical toward the top.

2) else either Emagram or Stüve .

  1. if dry adiabats are curved, then Emagram,
  2. else Stüve (including the Pseudoadiabatic version of Stüve).

Copyright © 2004 by Roland Stull