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  1. CALPUFF is a Lagrangian puff and elongated-puff (slug) model for pollutant transport & dispersion.
  2. CALPUFF is a multi-layer, multi-species non-steady-state puff dispersion model that simulates the effects of time- and space-varying meteorological conditions on pollution transport, transformation and removal.
  3. CALPUFF can be applied on scales of tens to hundreds of kilometers.
  4. It includes algorithms for subgrid scale effects (such as terrain impingement), as well as, longer range effects (such as pollutant removal due to wet scavenging and dry deposition, chemical transformation, and visibility effects of particulate matter concentrations).
  5. It is one of the EPA's Preferred regulatory models
  6. The  CALPUFF system has many major components, of which we will use four: 
  7. And there are many more minor pre- and post-processing systems.

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* from Wikipedia

Calpuff installation tips updated in 2021 by our TA Tim Chui.

Outdated installation tips from 2018. 

Outdated tips from 2016: Model installation Tips, from our TA Matt.

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