Example Case from "The Vault"

This exhibit is one of the many cases of fine gems and minerals in "The Vault", where the amazing Omniglobe also resides. Most of the specimens here are of the mineral beryl, but there are few that represent corundum and Al2O3.

Specimen Labels

Beryl (Items 1-7) occurs in many colours from vivid greenish-yellow to pale greenish-yellow to golden and blue. Red beryl is the rarest variety, and few small fragments are displayed. Corundum is an extremely hard rock-forming mineral that with gem varieties such as ruby and sapphire (Items 8-10).

  1. Aquamarine, unknown location
  2. Aquamarine, North Carolina and northern Georgia, USA
  3. Red beryl, Wah Wah Mountains, Utah, USA
  4. Heliodor, Madagascar
  5. Heliodor, Tajikistan
  6. Emerald, Boyaca, Colombia
  7. Trapiche emerald, Boyaca, Colombia
  8. Ruby in gneiss, Froland, Norway (foreground)
  9. Synthetic star sapphire, Unknown laboratory
  10. Ruby, Jegdalek Ruby Mines, Afgahanistan (background)