EOSC118 Sketching Activity 3: Tonnage-grade, Lesson 25

The canvas below shows the Grade vs Tonnage figure you enountered in Section 4 of Lesson 25 for major gold deposits of Canada and the world. The purpose of this exercise is to get you even more familiar with these types of grade-tonnage plots, which are often constructed using a logarithmic scale. This activity is fairly straight forward: add symbols to this figure representing the grade and tonnage of the following 4 hypothetical deposits.

Points to Plot on Grade-Tonnage Diagram
Label Grade Tonnage
A 1 g/t 1 Mt
B 1 g/t 10,000,000 tonnes
C 10 g/t 100 Mt
D 0.1 kg/t 100,000 t


You should be familiar with this sketching app by now, so follow these directions to complete the work:

  1. Set the colour to black, click the "Text" tool and type your student number and name (e.g., 12345678 David Turner) in the dialogue box that appears. Click, hold, and place to add the text at the top next to "Name__" and on top of the crosshatch pattern. If you make a mistake, you can use the "Undo Arrow" button, or the "Eraser" that will only affect what you have added, not the underlying canvas.
  2. Increase font size to 24, choose BLUE text, and place CAPTIAL, bold-font letters A, B, C, and D on the figure representing the correct grade and tonnage associated with these four deposits.
  3. Next, add a green arrow that points to the gold deposit with the highest total contained gold.
  4. Double check that your student number and name are present on the image.
  5. Save your work so it can be uploaded to Connect. DO NOT SIMPLY PRINT-SCREEN, use the following procedure:
    1. Click "Export as PNG button (under tools). This puts your result in a new browser tab.
    2. Use your browser to "Save as" or "Save Image As" (typically by right-clicking the image).
    3. PLEASE name this file using your student number and name: e.g., "12345678JaneDoe.png". Do NOT change the "png" part.
  6. Finally, upload your image to the Course CONNECT site as instructed in the CONNECT assignment.
  7. A reminder, these sketching activities are intended to be completed on your own, though discussion with peers is acceptible. Any submissions that are nearly identical will be marked 0 and a note added to your academic transcript.

Once you have submitted your image WITH FILE NAME AS INSTRUCTED ABOVE, you are done!


Creative Commons License EOSC 118 Tonnage activity 1 of 2 by D. Turner, F.Jones.
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.