AURORA EOAS Newsletter   Vol 19, Number 50  Sep 1, 2015



PhD Position at UBC Examining the Interplay of Prey Dynamics and Juvenile Salmon Feeding Biology

The applicant would be working within the framework of the Hakai Institute's salmon early marine survival program.

The application deadline is September 30, 2015. See here for more information. 


Precambrian Geologist (GE3) Position at the Manitoba Geological Survey

MGS is seeking to hire an experienced Precambrian geologist. The closing date for applications is September 18, 2015. See here for more information.


Paul Harrison Wins Gerald W. Prescott Award for Seaweed Ecology and Physiology, 2nd Edition

Winners of the Gerald W. Prescott Award were announced August 12 at the Phycological Society of America meeting in Philadelphia.  This award recognizes excellence in a scholarly work in English in the form of a book or monograph devoted to phycology published in the previous two years.

Two books were honored.  One award went to Catriona Hurd, Paul Harrison, Kai Bischoff and Christopher Lobban for their volume Seaweed Ecology and Physiology, 2nd Edition.  In making the award, PSA President Rick Zechman stated, "This Second edition of the original 1994 Harrison and Lobban volume added 2 new authors as well as essays by experts in the field."

Published reviews and the Committee praised the book for thorough updating of the first edition to a volume of great utility for educators and researchers.  Published reviewers also noted the addition of research from the southern hemisphere and its inclusion of global change issues for seaweeds.  A nominator noted that ".. the book is unique in that there is no comparable text that covers both the ecology and physiology of these important organisms." The Prescott Committee lauds the authors for a contribution for training future phycology students and anyone interested in the diversity of seaweed biology.


Coffee Hour Tomorrow (September 2) @ 10:30am in the Pacific Museum of the Earth Lobby

Come to the Pacific Museum of the Earth in EOS Main between 10:30 and 11:30 am tomorrow for some FREE coffee, tea, and donuts!

**Everyone (Faculty--Staff--Research Associates --Post-docs--grad students) is welcome!  Get your morning dose of caffeine while relaxing and chatting with graduate students, staff and faculty in EOAS. Hope to see you there!

**And don't forget to bring your own mugs**

- your EOAS GC coffee hour team, Tom and Lauren

This event is kindly sponsored by the Dept. of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science


The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup: Vancouver Event on September 20, 2015

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup takes place at shorelines throughout the country all year round. This year site sponsor Goldcorp will host a public cleanup at Sunset Beach in downtown Vancouver at 10am on Sunday, September 20. All of EOAS is invited to attend Goldcorp’s event with their friends and family to contribute to healthy shorelines for everyone. Meet in the car park between the concession stand and the Aquatic Centre. For more information, email E-Mail-To or visit


IRES Seminar Series Returns for the Winter Session

*This seminar series runs every Tuesday from 12:30pm-1:30pm in the AERL Theatre (2202 Main Mall) during the winter session.*

Upcoming talk:

Title: Ecosystem Models: An odd mix of hubris, analysis, uncertainty, and wishful thinking... and sea otters

Speaker: Edward Gregr, BSc, MSc, PhD Candidate

Date: September 15 @ 12:30pm in AERL 120

More information can be found here.


CERC Seminar - Organic Solar Cells: Potential and Challenges (Dr. Moritz Riede of the University of Oxford)

Date: September 21, 2015
Time: 2:00pm
Location: Room 202, 2360 East Mall, Vancouver BC (CHBE Building)
Title: Organic Solar Cells: Potential and Challenges
Speaker: Dr. Moritz Riede, Physics Department, Clarendon laboratory, University of Oxford

For more information, please see the attached flyer.


Erik Munson

Thursday, September 3 at 9:30am
Room 203 of the Graduate Student Centre (6371 Crescent Road)
"Reservoir Characterization of the Duvernay Formation, Alberta: a Pore- to Basin-Scale Investigation"


Tim Lin

Thursday, October 1 at 12:30pm
Room 200 of the Graduate Student Centre (6371 Crescent Road)
"Surface multiple deconvolution by sparsity-promoting optimization"