EOAS Colloquium

Prof. Patrick Pak-Cheuk Wu
Thursday, January 30, 2020 · 4:00 pm
ESB 5104-06, Earth Sciences Building 2207 Main Mall

Abstract: Although the last Ice Age ended more than six thousand years ago, the adjustment of the Earth to the changing ice and water loads on its surface can still be felt rather strongly today. This adjustment process is called Glacial Isostatic Adjustment or GIA in short. After a brief introduction and overview of the GIA process, we will address two questions in this talk:

1) Can climate change induce Earthquakes? If so, where? when? and How?

2) Can climate change induce Volcanism? In particular, we will study how viscous heating induced by GIA affect mantle temperature and heat flow.

Also, we will see how the presence of nonlinear creep in the mantle affect viscous heating.