Sukhi Hundal awarded Faculty of Science Excellence in Service Award

December 5, 2016

Sukhi Hundal has been awarded a much deserved 2016 Faculty of Science Excellence in Service Award which recognizes the exceptional service contributions of UBC Science staff, students and faculty. We have all benefited greatly from Sukhi's selfless dedication EOAS for over 20 years – he has made our department a better place.

The award was presented at a Faculty of Science meeting on March 1, 2017. Pictured below from left to right: Charles Krzysik (EOAS System Analyst), Roger Beckie (EOAS Department Head), Simon Peacock (Dean of Science), Sukhi Hundal (EOAS IT Technician), Tom Yerex (EOAS IT Manager), Daphne Fogelman (EOAS HR Manager), and Renee Haggart (EOAS Director of Resources and Operations). Congratulations Sukhi!