Mark Johnson wins Charles A. McDowell Award

January 31, 2018

Congratulations to Mark Johnson for being awarded the Charles A. McDowell Award for Excellence in Research! This award is for young faculty members who show excellence in pure or applied scientific research.

Professor Johnson’s research focuses on interactions between the carbon cycle and the water cycle. He addresses fundamental questions such as: How much carbon does water transport from land to freshwater systems? How much food can be produced in rural and urban environments? How much water would that require? And what efficiencies can be gained through a better understanding of ecohydrological processes? An example the value of his work is his novel method to measure carbon dynamics in aquatic systems allowing for improved assessment of carbon dioxide fluxes in real time in river lakes, and groundwater in a variety of environments. This method has seen rapid uptake in the research community.

Professor Johnson is advancing the field of ecohydrology through field-based observatory and experimental science. His methodological and empirical innovation has enabled both highest scholarly standards and their meaningful consequences. Dr. Johnson’s innovations, curious mind, and engineer’s capacity to develop, test and deploy novel environmental monitoring systems have led him to conduct research in challenging locations, while maintaining a humanists’ eye for the big questions of the future.

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