Meet Annie Borch - PhD Student in Volcanology

December 23, 2021

Annie Borch is a PhD student in volcanology, currently working with Dr. Kelly Russell at the University of British Columbia’s Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences. She is interested in how volcanic eruptions can affect landscape evolution, and, in turn, how paleoenvironmental conditions such as glaciation impact volcanic eruption styles. Her current research focuses on understanding the volcanic history of extensive Quaternary basalt lava flows in the Whistler, BC area, and how they can be used to reconstruct paleovalley systems prior to and after the Fraser Glaciation. Before joining UBC, Annie completed a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences at Quest University Canada, and a Geographic Information Systems program at BCIT. She also worked in the exploration industry as a field geologist, and as a science writer and illustrator for the Sea to Sky Fire & Ice Aspiring Geopark in Whistler, BC. She has a passion for communicating science and is fascinated by how people understand and interact with the dynamic landscapes that surround them.