Meet Dr. Dominique Weis - Geochemist

May 13, 2022
Dr. Dominique Weis

Dominique Weis is a leader in the innovative use of trace elements and isotope geochemistry, and is widely respected “for the elegance, precision and impact of her geochemical studies of the Earth from large igneous provinces to the environment." Specifically, her research aims to (1) improve our understanding of planetary evolution and the Earth’s environment, (2) model the geochemical and isotopic variations of the Earth’s mantle through a comparative study of large igneous provinces and more recent volcanic centres, and (3) determine the origin, source and pathways of mantle plumes, and their variations through time. As Director of the Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research, Dr. Weis is closely involved in the training of highly qualified personnel, and with industrial partners in the technology transfer and application of novel isotopic techniques for solving earth and environmental problems.