Dr. Greg Dipple talked about the need to green mining operations on CBC

July 4, 2022
Dr. Greg Dipple

Dr. Greg Dipple, EOAS professor and founder of Carbin Minerals, which won $1 million from the Carbon Removal Xprize a few months ago, was recently interviewed on CBC. Dr. Dipple talked about the idea of turning waste from nickel mines, a key element of electric vehicles, into large-scale carbon sinks. His approach would “use the tailings — pulverized rock byproduct that comes from extracting metals and minerals from ore — as a giant sponge for carbon in the atmosphere”. Once absorbed, the carbon would become rock and be removed from the atmosphere permanently in a process known as carbon mineralization.

"We can see a pathway towards nickel mining in the future where it produces a net positive environmental benefit from the context of greenhouse gases," said Dr. Dipple on CBC. However, he also pointed out that projects like his should be the "last thing" mining companies do. Instead, he suggested companies opting to green their operations more holistically, such as using renewable electricity and decarbonizing the haul fleet. “You look at all your operations, you make it as low carbon as you can and then the hard to abate … you take care of with your tailings," he said.

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