EOAS Climate Myth Busters

May 9, 2023
EOAS Climate Myth Busters Series

We are excited to announce that our newest video series, Climate Myth Busters, is live now! This series showcases brief, 1-minute videos featuring EOAS graduate students and faculty debunking widespread misconceptions about Earth's climate. We are excited to share this content with the public, sparking meaningful conversations around climate science. Watch the videos on Youtube or on our Climate Crisis page.

Climate myth busted #1: Climate change is real but its too late to do anything about it

Xueya Lu, Ph.D. student

Climate myth busted #2: Climate models are unreliable and predicting future climate is impossible

Eva Gnegy, Ph.D. student

Climate myth busted #3: There is no difference between weather and climate

Dr. Rachel White, Assistant Professor

Climate myth busted #4: Climate changes of the likes we are experiencing is part of a natural cycle

Ruth Moore, Master's student