Meet Anne-Martine Doucet - Environmental Scientist

May 29, 2023
Anne-Martine Doucet

Anne-Martine (Marti) Doucet is a Research Technician at the University of British Columbia currently working with the CarbMin laboratory supervised by Dr. Greg Dipple and Dr. Uli Mayer. Her research focuses on measuring and monitoring CO2 exchange at the sediment-atmosphere interface in natural and engineered environments that enable carbon mineralization reactions (where CO2 from the atmosphere or water reacts with cations (Ca, Mg) and precipitate a carbon mineral). She completed her Bachelor degree at the University of Ottawa in Environmental Sciences with a focus in Environmental Geochemistry and recently completed a Masters degree here at UBC in Geological Sciences supervised by Dr. Uli Mayer. In her spare time, you can catch Marti biking (on roads and mountains) and playing disc golf.