Bas Vriens

Postdoctoral Fellow

(236) 984-9585

I am currently Assistant Professor at Queen's University and no longer at UBC.

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My research interests are primarily in biogeochemistry and hydrogeology. In an effort to reduce the environmental health risks associated with natural and anthropogenic contaminants, I aim to quantitatively describe the processes governing their transport and transformation in the (sub)surface. This requires a combination of concepts from a variety of scientific fields, including geochemistry, hydrology, analytical chemistry, microbiology, environmental engineering, etc.

At UBC, I was involved in a multidisciplinary, collaborative research project with the Antamina Mine in Peru, one of the world's most productive polymetallic open-pit mines. I studied the processes that control the weathering and drainage of mine wastes. One research focus was quantifying the reaction- and mass transport limitations in large-scale waste rock piles (e.g., mineralogy and reactivity of the waste rock; water-, gas- and heat transport) and their controls on drainage quality; another more fundamental interest was the scalability of these processes from the porescale to industry-relevant spatiotemporal dimensions (ie. 100s of meters tall piles).

I teach EOSC 429 (Groundwater contamination).