David Zeko

MSc Geological Sciences

Teaching and Research Assistant


I am part of the UBC Mineral Carbonation Team led by Professor Greg Dipple, with research interests in the sequestration of carbon dioxide by geological processes. My masters project involves understanding the geological processes leading to the formation of fully carbonated mantle peridotite, known as listvenite, from the base of the Oman Ophiolite. Samples were gained through participation in the 2017 Oman Drilling Project, which involved fieldwork and drill supervision in Oman, followed by detailed core description and sampling onboard the Japanese research vessel the Chikyu.

The specific objective of my masters research is to map infiltration-driven reaction fronts using mineral assemblages, geochemical data and stable isotope compositions. Variability in alteration assemblages in different environments will be examined by comparison of data from Oman to localities globally, including Atlin Canada and Linnajavri Norway.


Jun - Jul 2017 (5 weeks), Geologist, Equity Exploration, Kudz Ze Kyah Project, Yukon Territory Canada

May 2013 – Sep 2013 and May 2012 – Oct 2012 (10 months), Geologist, Galore Creek Mining Corporation, British Columbia Canada

Nov 2012 – Feb 2013 (4 months), Geologist, AMEC, Kearl Oil Sands Project, Alberta Canada

Jun 2011 – Dec 2011 (7 months), Geologist, Rio Tinto Iron Ore, Pilbara Western Australia

Jan 2010 – Dec 2010 (1 year), Environmental Scientist, Golder Associates, Sydney Australia


Aug 2015- Sep 2016 (13 months), Secondary Science Teacher, NSW Department of Education, Sydney Australia

Jan 2015 – Jul 2015 (6 months), Secondary Geography Teacher, Vibe Teacher Recruitment, London United Kingdom


Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary Science), University of Wollongong, NSW Australia, Feb 2014- Nov 2014 (1 year)

Bachelor of Environmental Science Advanced (Earth Sciences) (Honors Class I), University of Wollongong, NSW Australia, Feb 2006- Dec 2009 (4 years)

Craig E Manning, Peter B Kelemen, Katsuyoshi Michibayashi, Michelle Harris, Janos L Urai, Juan Carlos de Obeso, Ana P. M. Jesus, David Zeko, and The Oman Drilling Project Phase 1 Science Party (2017), Transformation of Serpentinite to Listvenite as Recorded in the Vein History of Rocks From Oman Drilling Project Hole BT1B, Abstract [328604] presented at 2017 Fall Meeting, AGU, New Orleans, LA, 11-15 Dec.

Toshio Nozaka, Craig E Manning, Michelle Harris, Katsu Michibayashi, Juan Carlos de Obeso, Joëlle D'Andres, Romain Lefay, James Andrew Monton Leong, David Zeko, Peter B Kelemen, Damon A H Teagle, and The Oman Drilling Project Phase 1 Science Party (2017), Metamorphism Near the Dike-Gabbro Transition in the Ocean Crust Based on Preliminary Results from Oman Drilling Project Hole GT3A, Abstract [328665] presented at 2017 Fall Meeting, AGU, New Orleans, LA, 11-15 Dec.