Joseph Janssen



Research Interests:


Machine Learning




MSc Geological Sciences, University of British Columbia (2020-)

BSc Mathematical Sciences (with Distinction), University of British Columbia (2015-2020)

Awards and Credentials:

Student Undergraduate Research Experience Award, University of British Columbia (2019)

Dean's List, University of British Columbia (2019)

Statistics for Risk Modeling Exam, Society of Actuaries (2019)

Probability Exam, Society of Actuaries (2019)

Work Experience:

Research Assistant, Ameli lab, University of British Columbia (2020)

SURE Research Assistant, Radic lab, University of British Columbia (2019)

Data Analyst, Pike lab, BC Children's Hospital (2017-2018)

Data Analytics Assistant, Development and Alumni Engagement, University of British Columbia (2016-2019)

Volunteer Experience:

REX Mentor, Undergraduate Research Opportunities, University of British Columbia (2020-)

Presentations, Posters, Papers, and Tools

Janssen, J., & Ameli, A. (2021, April 19-30). The importance of geology when estimating catchment-scale streamflow characteristics: Application of a new technique for hydrologic similarity and regionalization. [Online presentation]. EGU General Assembly.

Le, E., Ameli, A., Janssen, J., Hammond, J., & Krugger, K. E. (2021, April 19-30). Can snow persistence explain the spatial-temporal variabilities in streamflow hydrograph flashiness across snow-dominated regions? [Online presentation]. EGU General Assembly.

Bilolikar, D., More, A., & Janssen, J. (2021, March 20-21). How to Beat Random Forest Regression: Choosing XGBoost Hyperparameters for Hydrological Datasets. [Online presentation]. Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Janssen, J. (2021, January 21). Problems and Solutions for Measuring Feature Importance in Hydrology. [Online presentation]. Research Carnival, UBC EOAS, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Janssen, J., & Guan, V. (2020). Frank-Wolfe Initializations for Recommender Systems (

‘Active & Safe Central’: development of an online resource for the prevention of injury in sport and recreational activity. (

Gill, K., Janssen, J., Smith, J., & Pike, I. (2018, July 26). Safety Preparedness of Recreational Boaters in BC: Who's Missing What? [Poster presentation]. Student Summer Poster Day, BC Children's Hospital Research Institute, Vancouver, BC, Canada. (2018 Summer Student Research Program Poster Day by BC Children's Hospital Research - Issuu)