Marina Karaevangelou


M.Sc. Geological Sciences & Diamond Exploration

EOAS Main 323C
(604) 780-4992

I am presently a Master’s student with the NSERC-funded Diamond Exploration and Research Training School (DERTS) program working in the Diamond Exploration Laboratory at the University of British Columbia with Dr. Maya Kopylova. My graduate research is focused on mineral inclusions in diamonds from the Lace kimberlite, South Africa with the aim of determining their origin and the diamond-forming processes in the ancient lithospheric mantle beneath the Kaapvaal craton. This research project constitutes the first study on diamonds from the Kroonstad Group II Kimberlite Cluster in South Africa. My primary research goal is the characterization of the Lace diamond collection. To characterize the diamonds and mineral inclusions I will use numerous analytical methods including Raman spectroscopy, electron microprobe analysis, cathodolumincescence, infrared spectroscopy, SIMS and fluorescence spectroscopy. A major part of the lab work involves polishing diamonds to expose mineral inclusions. Subsequent analyses of the inclusions will determine their paragenesis and be used to calculate pressures and temperatures of diamond formation.

Karaevangelou, M., Kopylova, M.G., & Loudon, P. (2018). Mineral inclusions in diamonds from the Lace kimberlite, South Africa. Poster Presentation at the International Diamond School in Bressanone, Italy, 29 Jan – 2 Feb 2018.

Karaevangelou, M., Kilias, S., & Argyraki, A. (2016). Potential microbial biosignatures in supergene oxidation zones of carbonate-replacement Pb-Zn-Ag mineralization, Lavrion District, Attica, Greece. Poster Presentation at the EANA16 Workshop - European Astrobiology Network Association Conference, Eugenides Foundation, Athens, Greece, 27 - 30 Sept 2016.