Nester Korolev

Postdoctoral Fellow

EOS-M 323

My project “Origin of type II diamonds” is funded by the Dr. Eduard Gübelin research association (the 2015 scholarship). The project aims at clarifying the origin of type II (N-free) diamonds. We know about the formation of common, Type I (N-bearing) diamonds from their mineral inclusions. The inclusions’ thermobarometry constrains pressures and temperatures of the formation. Hundreds of papers confirm that Type I diamonds formed in the lithospheric mantle, at 150-250 km, in peridotites or eclogites. In contrast to inclusions in Type I diamonds, inclusions in Type II diamonds are poorly studied. Type II diamonds from Brazil contain minerals from the transition zone and the lower mantle (calcium- and titanium-rich phases with perovskite stoichiometry; Fe, Ni, Fe–Ni alloys; Fe-carbides; native iron; majorite) formed at depth below 250 km (e.g. Bulanova et al., 2010; Smith, Kopylova, 2014). Moreover, peridotitic and eclogitic minerals typical for the lithospheric mantle, are rare in Brazilian Type II diamonds. These observations suggest that Type II diamonds originated in the different conditions compared to common Type I stones (Smith, Kopylova, 2014; Moore, 2014). The research will reveal what parameters of the original mantle environment make Type II stones so unlike the more common N-bearing diamonds. Genetic models for N-free diamonds will advance the fundamental mantle petrology and gemological research and identify the regime necessary to grow a better gem-quality diamonds.


Postdoctoral Research Fellow (UBC – EOAS department), 2019 – present.

The Dr. Eduard Gübelin research scholarship, “Origin of type II diamonds”.



Ph.D., Petrology, Institute of Precambrian geology and geochronology RAS, St. Petersburg, 2015

M.Sc., Geology, St. Petersburg State University, 2012

B.Sc., Geology, St. Petersburg State University, 2010