Nikolett Kovacs

MSc Geological Sciences

ESB 5031
(778) 928-4955

My passion for science and researching the unknown started at a young age when I wanted to become an astronaut. I was always fascinated by new ideas, concepts, and understanding how things work. I didn't start geology until I was in my third university year after I landed with a summer job at the Yukon Geological Survey. After that summer, I decided to pursue a geology degree and I graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland. My research interests are varied, but I'm particularly interested in mineral deposits and their genesis and how we can apply this knowledge to future exploration, research, and innovation.

My current research is on the Carmacks Copper deposit in west-central Yukon, Canada. The Carmacks Copper is a unique Cu-Au-Ag deposit where hypogene mineralization is hosted in heterogeneous, foliated and folded, and variably migmatitic metamorphic rocks. Two styles of hypogene copper mineralization occur as foliation-parallel and net-textured copper sulphides. The latter style of mineralization is interpreted to originate from a sulphide melt phase generated during partial melting of a previously mineralized protolith.

This research aims to understand the genesis of the deposit and the protolith of host rocks. This will help us to understand the behavior of hypogene mineralization at magmatic temperatures and it will also be useful for future targeting and exploration in the region.