Oldrich Hungr

Professor Emeritus

EOS-South 255
(604) 822-8471

Landslide Hazards Research Geological Engineering Program

I have an interest in all aspects of engineering geology in rock and soils, but my main preoccupation is the study of landslides. Before coming to UBC in May 1996, I worked for a number of years in private practice as an engineering geologist. I participated in a variety of projects such as roads, hydro power plants, tunnels, forestry projects and mines. I was involved in the investigation of landslides, debris flows and avalanches, both natural and those caused by human activities such as slides related to logging or disposal of mine waste.

For several years I have been trying to develop new techniques for slope stability analysis, modelling of landslide behaviour with emphasis on rapid motion, landslide hazards mapping, quantitative hazard and risk assessment and design of remedial and protective measures. This work has applications to land use planning and design of engineering works. An especially important application is in the field of forestry, where the regulations of the recently implemented B.C. Forest Practices Code place high demands on the methodology of landslide hazards management.

My secondary research interests include applied geomorphology, terrain mapping and engineering geology of surface and underground excavations . I maintain active contacts with staff members in the Departments of Geography and Civil Engineering at UBC and with colleagues at the Geological Survey of Canada, in private consulting firms and in foreign research establishments, particularly in Japan and France.

I would like to maintain a balance in research work between sound theoretical approach and practical application. B.C. is a mountainous province with a variety of exciting challenges to the profession of engineering geology. New techniques of analysis must be developed and tested in the field in order to provide tools needed by the practitioners. The Geological Engineering Program at UBC plays an important role in this process.

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