Paul LeBlond

Professor Emeritus


During his career at UBC, where he also held joint appointments in the departments of Physics and Oceanography, LeBlond explored the dynamics of the oceans, investigating with his students the properties of wind waves, internal waves, tides, tsunamis and Rossby waves, summarized in an extensive textbook written with Lawrence Mysak in 1978.  He also studied coastal and ocean wide processes in the Pacific, participating in the creation and activities of the North Pacific Marine Science Organisation, which awarded him its Wooster Award in 2004.  Investigating the effect of currents on salmon migrations led him to participation in fisheries conservation issues and membership in the federal Fisheries Resource Conservation Council and its Pacific counterpart, the PFRCC.  Ever curious about ocean phenomena, he also investigated sightings of unidentified marine creatures and  collaboration in the creation of the International Society of Cryptozoology and the BC Scientific Cryptozoology Club. His recent work with Kirk and Walton (2014 –Discovering Cadborosaurus, Hancock House) documents the evidence available about a northeast Pacific unidentified cryptid.