Raul Benjamin Mendoza

PhD Geophysics

Graduate Student


Rimando, J.M., Williamson, A.L., Mendoza, R.B.C., & Hobbs, T.E. (2022). Source Model and Characteristics of the 27 July 2022 MW 7.0 Northwestern Luzon Earthquake, Philippines. Seismica, vol. 1.1, doi: 10.26443/seismica.v1i1.217.

Mendoza, R.B., Ramos, N., & Dimalanta, C. (2022). High-resolution peak ground acceleration modeling using geographic information systems: A case study of the potentially active Central Cebu Fault System, Philippines. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences: X, 100097, doi: 10.1016/j.jaesx.2022.100097.