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About Lee Groat

I grew up in Kingston, where Lake Ontario meets the Canadian Shield. I graduated from Queen's University with a B.Sc. (Honours, Geology) in 1982. From there I went to the University of Manitoba, graduating with a Ph.D. degree in 1988. In 1988-89 I was a NATO Postdoctoral Fellow at Cambridge University.

I came to UBC in July 1989. In 1999 I was awarded the Young Scientist Medal of the Mineralogical Association of Canada. Throughout the 1990's I was at various times an Associate Editor for both The Canadian Mineralogist and The American Mineralogist, and from 2001 to 2006 I was Editor of The American Mineralogist.

In 2002 I was awarded a Killam Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

In 2003 I was elected a Fellow of the Mineralogical Society of America.

In 2009 the new mineral groatite, NaCaMn2+2(PO4)[PO3(OH)]2, was named in my honour.

I am a Past-President of the Mineralogical Association of Canada, and former Co-Editor (2012) and present Editor (2013-present) of The Canadian Mineralogist.

In 2019 I was awarded the Leonard G. Berry Medal for distinguished service to the Mineralogical Assocation of Canada.

I am the Director of the Integrated Sciences program at UBC (see COURSES).

Since 2002 I have been an Independant Director of Strategic Metals Ltd. (V.SMD), and since 2016 I have been an Independant Director of Terra CO2 Technologies Ltd., a private company.

From 2006-2013 I was a Partner with my students in Mackevoy Geosciences Ltd., a highly successful private consulting company.

I am a Principal of Kingston Geosciences Ltd., a private consulting company.