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Research Personnel



R. James Evans, 2014-present, Research Associate.

Mackenzie Parker, 2012-present, Managing Editor, The Canadian Mineralogist.

Jordan Roberts, 2014-present, Assistant Editor, The Canadian Mineralogist; 2013-present, Economic Geology Research Assistant.

Graduate Students

Lindsey Abdale, 2019-?, M.Sc. (in progress), Hyper-spectral Imaging.

Rhiana Henry, 2018-?, Ph.D. (in progress), The Crystal Chemistry of Beryl.

Donald John Lake, 2018-?, Ph.D. (in progress), CO2 Sequestration.

Tiera Naber, 2018-?, M.Sc. (in progress), The Ting Alkaline Complex, Yukon Territory.

Undergraduate Students

Former Staff

Jillian Treadwell, 2013, Research Assistant.

Laurel Arness, 2008-09, Research Assistant.

Allison A. Brand, 2003-06, Research Assistant.

Dawn Kellett, 2003, Field Assistant.

Bonnie C. Pemberton, 2000-02, Research Assistant.

Andrew H. Rollo, 1999, Research Assistant and Technician.

Elisabetta Pani, 1998, Research Associate.

Former Fellows

David J. Turner, 2016-17, Postdoctoral Fellow.

Thomas Chudy, 2014-17, Postdoctoral Fellow.

Jan Cempírek, 2012-15, Postdoctoral Fellow.

Leo Millonig, 2010-13, Postdoctoral Fellow.

R. James Evans, 2009-13, Postdoctoral Fellow.

Stuart J. Mills, 2007-08, Postdoctoral Fellow.

Michael Fechtelkord, 1999-00, Feodor Lynen (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) Research Fellow (co-supervised with C.A. Fyfe).

Elisabetta Pani, 1997, Postdoctoral Fellow.

Former Graduate Students

Emily Scribner, 2014-19, Ph.D., Mineralogy Concepts for Research and Teaching: The Mineralogy of the Rau Pegmatite Group, its Implications for Pegmatite Contamination, and a Concept Inventory to Assess Student Understanding.

Philippe Belley, 2014-19, Ph.D., The Role of Metamorphic and Geochemical Factors in the Formation of Gem Corundum, Spinel, and Haüyne in Metacarbonates of the Lake Harbour Group, Baffin Island, Canada.

Donald John Lake, 2014-18, M.Sc. (part time), Are there Colombian-Type Emeralds in Canada's Northern Cordillera?

Jordan Roberts, 2014-17, M.Sc., Telluride Mineralogy at the Deer Horn Au-Ag-Te-(Bi-Pb-W) Deposit, Lindquist Peak, British Columbia: Implications for the Generation of Tellurides.

Andrew Fagan, 2012-18, Ph.D. (part time), The Ruby and Pink Sapphire Deposits of SW Greenland: Geological Setting, Genesis, and Exploration Techniques.

Dana Caudle, 2013-16, M.Sc., Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Geochronology of the Kin Property Pegmatites, Eastern British Columbia.

David J. Turner, 2010-15, Ph.D., Reflectance Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral Imaging of REE-bearing Minerals and Rocks (co-supervised with B. Rivard).

Mallory Dalsin, 2011-13, M.Sc., Mineralogy of the Wicheeda Carbonatite Complex, British Columbia.

Andrea Dixon, 2011-13, M.Sc., Geology and Mineralogy of Granitic Pegmatites at Mt. Begbie, British Columbia

Avee Ya’acoby, 2011-14, M.Sc., Geology and Mineralogy of the Myoff Creek Carbonatite, British Columbia

Graeme Scott, 2010-12, M.Sc., Experimental Petrology of Borosilicate Minerals.

Thomas Chudy, 2008-13, Ph.D., Petrogenesis of the Fir Carbonatite System, East-Central BC.

Tashia J. Dzikowski, 2006-13, Ph.D., Origin of Marble-Hosted Ruby and Sapphire Deposits (co-supervised with G.M. Dipple).

Elspeth M. Barnes, 2003-10, Ph.D., Origin of the Little Nahanni Pegmatite Group, NWT.

Allison A. Brand, 2006-08, M.Sc., W-Mo-Be Mineralization at the Northern Dancer Deposit.

Tashia J. Dzikowski, 2004-06, M.Sc., The Crystal Chemistry of Gorceixite, Grandidierite, and Traskite.

David J. Turner, 2004-06, M.Sc., Mineralogical and Geochemical Study of the True Blue Aquamarine Showing, Southern Yukon.

Heather L.D. Neufeld, 2002-04, M.Sc., The Tsa da Glisza (Regal Ridge) Emerald Occurrence, Southeastern Yukon Territory, Canada: Descriptive, Genetic, and Exploration Models (co-supervised with J.K. Mortensen).

Cari L. Deyell, 1997-02, Ph.D., Characterization of Alunite-Group Minerals from High-Sulfidation Epithermal Environments.

Elizabeth Hilton, 1998-00, M.Sc., Composition and Structure of Titanian Andradite from Magmatic and Hydrothermal Environments (co-supervised with G.M. Dipple and J.K. Russell).

Laurel Basciano, 1998-99, M.Sc., Mineralogy and Crystal Structures of Barium Silicate Minerals from Fresno County, California.

Anita E. Lam, 1994-98, M.Sc. (part time), An X-Ray Crystallographic Study of the Crystal Structures of Four Tellurium-Oxysalt Minerals: Dugganite, Choloalite, and Graemite.

Shannon C. Shaw, 1994-96, M.Sc., Mineralogical Study of Base Metal Tailings from Sudbury, Ontario.

Mark H.F. Mauthner, 1993-95, M.Sc., Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Geochronology of the Little Nahanni Pegmatite Group.

Guylaine Gauthier, 1992-95, M.Sc., Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Geochronology of the Yogo Dike Sapphire Deposit, Montana.

Julie Melluish, 1992-94, M.Sc., Examination of the Mineralogical Effects of Biologically-Assisted Leaching of a Mixed Copper Sulphide Ore from the Ivan Mine, Chile.

Former Undergraduate Students

Kendall Culligan, 2010-11, B.Sc., The Geochemistry and Mineralogy of the Ting Creek Alkalic Intrusion, Yukon Territory.

Shane Margesson, 2008-09, B.A.Sc., Geology and Mineralogy of the Plata Ag Deposit, Yukon Territory.

Colleen D. Atherton, 2007-08, B.Sc., Geology, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry of the Bear-Twit Pb-Zn property, Northwest Territories (co-supervised with K.A. Hickey).

Bradley S. Panton, 2007-08, B.A.Sc., Geology, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry of the Rau Granite-Pegmatite Complex, Yukon Territory.

Sarah J. Eaton, 2006-07, B.Sc., Geology, Geochemistry, and Geochronology of the Indium Zone, Tidd Property, Yukon Territory.

Daniel D. Gregory, 2006-07, B.Sc., Geology, Geochemistry, and Geochronology of the Allen Stock at the Alle Property, Yukon Territory.

Justin J. Mundhenk, 2006-07, B.Sc., Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Uranium Occurrences in the Wernecke Mountains, Yukon Territory.

Allison A. Brand, 2005-06, B.Sc., Cr-Dominant Emerald Mineralization Associated with Pegmatitic Granite at Dryden, Ontario.

Matthew R. Carter, 2002-03, B.Sc., Compositional Variations in Titanite Samples from Norway.

Heather L. Douglas, 2001-02, B.Sc., Geochemical Study of the Regal Ridge and Lened Emerald Occurrences, Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Bonnie C. Pemberton, 2001-02, B.Sc., Origin of Cassiterite at the Little Nahanni Pegmatite Group, Northwest Territories.

Heike Hoffman, 1998-99, Diploma (University of Hamburg), Bacterial Leaching of Siegenite in a Cobalt/Copper Concentrate.

Andrew H. Rollo, 1998-99, B.Sc., Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Mica Minerals from the Little Nahanni Pegmatite Group, Northwest Territories.

Ha Sy, 1998-99, B.Sc., Identification of New Mineral Species from the Yukon Phosphate Deposit.

Christine E. Trotter, 1998-99, B.Sc., An X-Ray Diffraction Study of Metamict Titanite.

David Awram, 1995-96, B.Sc., Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Okanagan Opal Deposit.

Sean M. Margison, 1995-96, B.Sc., The Crystal Structure of Leisingite, Cu(Mg,Cu,Fe,Zn)2Te6+O6·6H2O.

Anita E. Lam, 1992-93, B.Sc., The Crystal Structure of Wickenburgite, Pb3CaAl [AlSi10O27] (H2O)3, a Tetrahedral Sheet Structure.