Resources in EOAS

Science education development in EOAS

Our Department is running a major CWSEI-funded initiative to increase the effectiveness of post-secondary science education for all our students.
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Teaching Facilities

The department contains many facilities to assist in teaching including a couple PC labs, a learning centre, the earth course help centre for first years, multiple field school facilities and the Pacific Museum of Earth located in our main lobby.

Teaching Awards

Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences faculty, staff and students have been successful at winning awards for excellence in research activities, teaching, leadership and service both within the Department, the Faculty of Science and UBC, as well as externally

Scholarships and Financial Support

Undergraduate Students
In addition to scholarships, there are bursaries and prizes awarded on the basis of a variety of criteria such as: outstanding performance in a particular course or field of interest, involvement in student/department affairs, or overall qualities of leadership and character. Some of these awards are available to students who do not meet the minimum standard to qualify for a scholarship.

Graduate Students
The Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences guarantees funding for all full-time graduate students in thesis programs. This funding is provided in the form of teaching assistantships, and/or research assistantships paid from supervisor's research funds.

Slide sets

Various slide sets covering rocks and minerals to landslides and various exploration activities.
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Other Web Resources

Contains other web resource material and some java applets.
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UBC Teaching Resources

CTLT is The Centre for Teaching Learning and Technology, the central source of support for professional development, distance ed, video and media, and all things to do with teaching and learning at UBC.

Skylight (Science Centre for Learning and Teaching) is a research-focused unit which develops and shares information and resources on learning and teaching.

Museum Initiatives Related to K-12 Education

EOS is attempting to improve K-12 background in geological, atmospheric and oceanographic sciences by providing resources for teachers through the Pacific Museum of Earth.
The Teachers Resource Centre in the Museum is still in development but will provide rocks, minerals, audio-visual materials, curricula and lesson plans.


"Bringing the marvels and mystery of our dynamic planet to schools, communities, and individuals." Our outreach programs centre around the Pacific Museum of Earth and provides a unique opportunity to show case geological, atmospheric and oceanographic sciences. The museum organizes services such as tours, K-12 education materials for teachers and worksheet materials to be used in addition to the tours. In addition there are also online materials such as slide sets and more teaching materials from other sites such as lithoprobe.