logo   List of Science and Math Education Journals

Copy the complete title into the University Library facility for finding journals (UBC library) or your favourite search engine - eg Google Scholar - to find instant access to most of these. See also http://www.flaguide.org/resource/journal.php.

  1. American Biology Teacher
  2. American Journal of Physics
  3. Astronomy Education Review
  4. Cell Biology Education
  5. Bioscene-Journal of College Biology Teaching
  6. Chemical Educator
  7. Cognition and Instruction
  8. Educational Studies in Mathematics
  9. Electronic Journal of Mathematics and Technology
  10. Electronic Journal in Science and Literacy Education
  11. Electronic Journal of Science Education
  12. Elementary School Journal
  13. European Journal of Science Education
  14. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education
  15. International Journal of Science Education
  16. International Research in geographical and Environmental Education
  17. Journal of Chemical Education
  18. Journal of College Science Teaching
  19. Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching
  20. Journal of Engineering Education
  21. Journal of Earth System Science Education
  22. Education Journal of Environmental Education
  23. Journal of Geoscience Education
  24. Journal of Mathematical Behavior
  25. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education
  26. Journal of Physics Teacher Education Online
  27. Journal of Research in Mathematics Education
  28. Journal of Research in Science Teaching
  29. Journal of Science Education and Technology
  30. Journal of Science Teacher Education
  31. Journal of Statistics Education
  32. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education
  33. Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering
  34. Mathematics Teacher
  35. Physical Review Special Topics Physics Education Research
  36. Quantum
  37. Research in Science Education
  38. Research in Science & Technological Education
  39. School Science and Mathematics
  40. School Science Review
  41. Science and Children
  42. Science & Education
  43. Science Education
  44. Science Scope
  45. Science Teacher
  46. Space Educator
  47. Studies in Science Education
  48. Physics Teacher

Last updated June 30, 2008 (FJ)