MIN3P Verification Example: Copper leaching from a five-spot well pattern

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In this example, the results of MIN3P are compared to those of MULTIFLO for an in situ copper leaching problem described in detail by Lichtner (1996). The example describes the injection of an acid leach solution into an ore deposit containing chrysocolla (CuSiO3H2O). The simulation includes the leaching of the ore as well as the dissolution of primary phases and the formation and re-dissolution of secondary minerals. Figure 1 shows simulated results of the copper recovery as a function of time and Figure 2 shows the pH of the PLS (pregnant leach solution) versus time.



In Figure 3, spatial contours generated with MIN3P after an elapsed time of one quarter year are shown for chrysocolla, gypsum, amorphous silica, jurbanite, jarosite, and alunite. The same profiles were produced by Lichtner (1996) using MULTIFLO.





Lichtner, P.C. 1996. Modeling reactive flow and transport in natural waters. Proceedings of the Rome Seminar on Environmental Geochemistry. Castelnuovo di Porto, May 22-26, 1996. Pacini Editore. pp 5-72.