MIN3P Verification Example: Dedolomitization (comparison of MIN3P to PHAST)

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This scenario simulates the infiltration of slightly acidic water that is undersaturated with respect to calcite and dolomite into an aquifer that contains dolomite. This drives the replacement of dolomite by calcite and subsequently the dissolution of calcite. Figure 1 compares the simulation results from the codes MIN3P and PHAST for an aquifer with an initial dolomite content of 20 vol%. Refer to Calderhead and Mayer (2004) for details on the parameters used in this simulation.





Calderhead, A.I. and Mayer, K.U. 2004. Comparison of the suitability of the global implicit method and the sequential non-iterative approach for multicomponent reactive transport modeling. 57th Canadian Geotechnical Conference. October 24-28, 2004. Quebec City. Canada