MIN3P Verification Example: Equilibrium redox mixing (comparison of MIN3P to PHAST)

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This example describes an aquifer that initially contains oxidizing groundwater and is infiltrated by a strongly reducing groundwater containing hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and methane (CH4).  Redox equilibrium is assumed for this simulation, implying that reactions will occur due to dispersive-diffusive mixing at the interface that forms when the reducing water displaces the oxidized pore water from the domain.  Parameter values and example details are given in Calderhead and Mayer (2004). The codes MIN3P and PHAST are used to model the scenario and the results are compared in Figure 1.





Calderhead, A.I. and Mayer, K.U.  2004.  Comparison of the suitability of the global implicit method and the sequential non-iterative approach for multicomponent reactive transport modeling.  57th Canadian Geotechnical Conference.  October 24-28, 2004.  Quebec City. Canada