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Coscinodiscus centralis
Phyto'pedia is an online encyclopaedia of common phytoplankton from the coast of British Columbia, Canada. Inside, the reader will find an extensive database of high-resolution images indicating the characteristic features of a variety of genera and species paired with carefully written descriptions.

Most of the images in this encyclopaedia were obtained during a sampling program at Jericho Beach in Vancouver, British Columbia that began during summer 2011 and ended in late spring 2012.

Chaetoceros debilis
Please take a moment to become familiar with the navigation of this site. In the left navigation panel, you will find links to all sections of the encyclopedia. Species links can be found in dropdown menus below each parent genus. In this navigation panel, you can also find links to the other navigational tools built into this site:
  • A taxonomic key built using Lucid™ version 3 software will help you identify unknown phytoplankton samples to the genus level.
  • An at-a-glance guide allows you to browse through images of common BC phytoplankton
  • Seasonal community images provide a look at the community composition during the different characteristic growth seasons of the BC region.
  • A glossary of terms is provided to define new vocabulary.

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