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Research Focus:

  • Exploring and imaging the structure of the crust and upper mantle
  • Unravelling the tectonic history of the North American continent
  • Understanding the tectonic processes that control the evolution of the lithosphere
  • Developing new techniques to image:
    1. lithospheric structure and
    2. upper crustal kimberlite dykes (with applications in diamond exploration and mining)
  • Investigating the exploration potential for offshore BC oil & gas and evaluating related environmental risks

Active Source Group
Current Research:

  • Lithospheric structure and tectonic history based primarily on seismic refraction, seismic reflection, potential field data, and structural geologic analysis:
    • northern Canadian Cordillera (BC, YK)
    • Slave Province (NWT)
    • Trans-Hudson Orogen (SK, MN)
    • Juan de Fuca and Explorer Plates (BC)
  • Near-surface seismic reflection exploration related to diamond and ore emplacement with application to mining issues (industry collaborators: DeBeers and Diamondex)
  • Finite-difference investigations of Moho reflectivity
  • Development of reflection and refraction processing and analysis software (e.g., Plotsec)

Teleseismic Group
Current Research:

  • POLARIS: A broad-band and MT array designed to investigate lithospheric structure, continental dynamics, and earthquake hazards in Canada
  • Teleseismic wave propagation in laterally heterogeneous, anistropic media
  • Numerical applications of inverse scattering theory to teleseismic wavefields
  • Lithospheric stabilization and modification in the southeastern Canadian Shield
  • Nature of the Continental Moho
  • Imaging the Cascadia subduction zone
  • Teleseismic receiver function analysis in the Trans-Hudson Orogen (SK)
  • Coda Q in southwestern British Columbia

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