Case Histories

a. Introduction
b. Multiple methods

   1. San Nicolas interactive
   2. San Nicolas pdf
   3. Permafrost gpr/em/dc
   4. Applic'n to Min-Ex pdf
   5. Mt Milligan pdf
c. DC res and IP
   1. Mt. Milligan 2D
   2. McDermott 2D
   3. Century 2D
   4. Acid drainage 2D pdf
   5. Cluny, Mt Isa 3D
   5a. Cluny pdf
   6. Potash mine 3D pdf
d. Magnetics & gravity
   1. Mt. Milligan
   2. Raglan
   3. Voisey's Bay
e. Electromagnetics
   1. Las Christinas
   2. Oil / Gas
   3. CSEM inversion pdf
   4. 3D borehole TEM pdf
   5. 3D MT inversion pdf

These case histories illustrate the application of UBC-GIF inversion methodologies to mineral exploration and other geophysical problems. 

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