Figure 7.  Photographs of the base of the Nikolai Formation in the Wrangell Mountains, Alaska. (a) Westward-dipping Paleozoic arc volcanic rocks of the Station Creek Formation overlain by Early Permian shale and limestone (Phc-Hasen Creek Formation; Pgh-Golden Horn Limestone Lentil), isolated lenses of Middle Triassic ‘Daonella-beds’ (TRd), basalt flow-conglomerate with local pillows, and massive subaerial flows on the north side of Skolai Creek. Photograph by Ed MacKevett, Jr. (b) Close-up photograph of area b in photograph a. (c) Close-up photograph of area c in photograph b showing basal flow-conglomerate with clasts of rounded cobbles of white limestone (<20 cm) derived from Golden Horn Limestone Lentil and red basalt (<40 cm) from Station Creek Formation. Pen (14 cm) in middle of photograph for scale.