Applying Geophysical Inversion at the San Nicolás Deposit


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This case history is an adaptation of " Geophysical Inversion in an Integrated Exploration Program: Examples from the San Nicolas Deposit", 2002, unpublished M.Sc. thesis, by Nigel Phillips. Conversion to web-based form by F. Jones.  It is best viewed with a screen size of 1024 by 768 pixels, so clicking the start button below will open the case history in it's own browser window.

The information is extensive. Different sections will be useful to different readers. The level of detail increases with later chapters. The first four chapters are suitable for exploration students or professionals with some background on use of applied geophysics. The last two chapters are more resaerch oriented and relevant for geophysics professionals.

photo© N. Phillips, 2002

From the acknowledgements of the thesis:
"... thanks go to the following companies for their support in this venture: Newmont Gold Company, for their encouragement and financial support (specifially: Jim, Rick, Perry, and Colin); Teck-Cominco, for providing an excellent data set with which to work; Mira Geoscience; Quantec Geoscience; Fugro; BHP-Billiton; SJ Geophysics; and Kennecott, all for helping with issues relating to the data sets. "