Introductory articles
- Seeing underground ...
- Applications ...(PDF)
- Cost effectiveness ...(PDF)

Online tutorials
- Inversion concepts
- Inversion theory
- Linear inversion applet
- Magnetic dipole applet

Workflows for inversion
- 2D DC resistivity
- 3D mag / grav

Summary pages
- Survey methods
- Geophysical models
- Applied geoph. framework

Technical background


These tutorials should help you understand how geophysical inversion can contribute to geoscience tasks and the basics of how it works. Choosing one from the menu will open it in a new window.

If you arrived at this page from outside the UBC-GIF website, you should re-enter by clicking here for the home page, then following menu options Resources => Workflows and Tutorials.

Introductory articles that were published in industry magazines and journals.

Inversion Concepts is an introduction to the essential elements underlying geophysical inversion methods.

How Inversion Works is a comprehensive explanation, which makes use of the UBC-GIF Linear Inversion Applet to help the learner practice working with concepts that are fundamental to linear inversion theory.

- The Linear inversion applet is used during the "How Inversion Works" tutorial.
- The Magnetic dipole applet is an independent little utility to help build intuition about the magnetic total field, vector component or total field gradient response to a buried magnetic dipole anywhere on the world.

Workflows for inversion provide detailed strategies for using UBC-GIF inversion programs. They are highly interactive and require a new window to make all features accessible.

Summary pages:
These are single page summaries of specific aspects of using geophysics.

Technical background points to technical details contained in software manuals.

The IAG CD-ROM is a learning facility about geophysical inversion. It is structured like a text book but includes educational versions of UBC-GIF programs, data sets, interactive self-test facilities, and exercises for use by individuals or classes.

We continue to build web-based educational material for applied geophysics at the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, UBC. Please contact us by email, or directly, for more information. 

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